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We Offer Turn-Key Solutions

For Tenants

Renting is a team effort

In the process of renting a home or other property assets, our real estate experts can guide and assist you to find what you have imagined, in the right  area, 100% suitable to your needs and budjet.
But this is a Team effort, and we are walking with you from A to Z throughout the whole lease period.
From  start to finsh.

  • • Home viewing and orientation tour, around prime residential areas to get to know community features and facilities
    • Previews of suitable schooling options and School visits.
    • Inspection of the House, repairs Inventory
    • Explanation of the lease agreement and terms negotiation.
    • Tax Id-number.
    • Coordination of all Public utilities’ connections.
    • Intermediation with the Landlord throughout the lease period.
    • Terminate all Public utilities connections and deposit release.

For Property-Owners

A. Property staging and marketing

When you are thinking to sell, our  technical partners can propose simple steps that enhance your house and give it a more attractive look for the possible buyers through modernizing the interiors and exteriors.
Using these methods, the strong points will be highlighted and the weak points of the property will be minimized. The aim is not to hide defects but fix them.
Also, since we know a picture is worth a thousand words, we can help you make your property look gorgeous with our professional photo portfolios.
Our marketing plans help homeowners to sell their property as quickly as possible and at the best price. They rely on a wide spectrum of marketing tools: local and international sites and portals, communication channels and techniques – photo portfolios, virtual tours, décor tips, and so on.

B. Property Management

We provide distinguished property management and property maintenance services to Attika property owners. Whether it is a holiday let in Athens, a high-yielding rental property or a second home, we take care of your properties as if they were our own.
In CityProperties, we ensure a peace of mind solution while you are not in your residence.
Our devoted team provide an exclusive and personalized service taking care of all the elements regarding the management and maintenance of your property.

C. Golden Visa

If you are a non E.U. national with a Greek Golden Visa, you can move freely between European or Schengen Area countries, providing that you invest a minimum of €250.000 to buy a home in Greece.
A golden visa is a permanent residence permit issued for 5 years to individuals who invest, often through the purchase of property, a certain amount of money into the issuing country. So if you are planning to buy a home, this can be a good way of securing your and your family’s residence permit. Golden visas require investments of at least 250,000 euro, before tax, in the property market (homes or offices).
Our expert team and our Legal advisors can successfully conclude the whole process from property purchase to Golden Visa application with utter professionalism.

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