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All our Technical and Legal consultancy team is consisted of fully licensed Architects, Civil Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants and Investment Migration experts.
They are seasoned professionals handpicked for their professionalism and their integrity and they can take care of all legal, taxation and technical matters and take all your stress away.


Certificates and Licences

Our professional team can help you develop and carry out home décor and refurbishing projects, taking care of a variety of aspects and techniques: infographics, virtual reality, rehabilitation plans, licensing, demolition, new construction, swimming pool design and development, etc.
We offer technical support for opening licenses, terraces and canopies, swimming pool standards, noise reports, building permits, etc. In addition, it offers surveying, appraising, technical and expert reporting, energy auditing, technical inspecting, and building assessment, sound and noise reporting services.


Property Aquisition

After finding the property of your choice and before signing any contract, it is essential for the buyer assign a lawyer the complete legal due diligence of the property.
Our Legal team will make a thorough legal check of the property deeds for the past 50 years (previous owners, if it is mortgaged, if there are pending legal proceedings, claims, expropriations or any other legal obstacles). This process is done at the Cadaster or the Land Deed Registry.


Our  Taxation consultants can initiate your Tax authorization with the Tax Identification Number  (AFM ) and Tax Registration Code (Klidarithmos). After your Purchase can file for the main annual taxes and charges related to your property ownership: the Single Real Estate Property Tax (“ENFIA”) 
In case of renting the property, they can issue for AMA number and look after your Annual Tax Declaration.

Greek Golden Visa

CPG  is our partner in immigration matters in Greece, a qualified member of the Investment Migration Council (IMC) and provides expertise, support and assistance to non-EU investors in receiving the Greek (EU) Residence Permit by Real Estate Acquisition (Residency by Investment Program, RBI).
They coordinate all Consultants needed,  Legal and Accounting in order for the client to obtain the Golden Visa.
Bank account opening, Tax Identification Number (TIN) issuance,  coordination for the contracts, collection of all relevant documents ascertaining the purchase of the property and the insurance policies that are required for the issuance of the residency permit. Submission of the Residence Permit application, Biometrics, Photographs etc., collection and delivery of the permanent permit.

All you want to know about the ownership or renting a property

Updated information 2020. From the Greek Law Digest

All our Technical, Tax and Legal Consultants, physical persons or Companies, are third parties (independent professionals), as defined by the Code of Ethics of the Hellenic Association of Real Estate Agents.

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