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Athens. 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with this Flourishing Metropolis.

After a decade of austerity measures and difficult choices this city has now is showing a lucid face and a reformation thanks to a glorious revival in art, food and architecture that has been underway for the last decade.
Coastal City: Everybody who knows Athens, says that in this city, you can experience almost everything the Greek islands have to offer. With some of the most beautiful beaches found along a 61 km coastline, you can enjoy life, with fresh seafood all year round, while swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and Saronikos nearly year-round.
The Heritage of ages: The Parthenon is visible from almost every street corner or square in central Athens as it forbidden tall buildings to emerge and hide its beauty. Acropolis must be seen up close to appreciate just how imposing these famous and majestic building is. Fast forward 2000 years, and you will find yourself at the Panathenaic Stadium, also made entirely of the same marble and the site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Music and Theatre Beneath the Acropolis: From majestic ballets and arias to ancient Greek tragedies and back to Folk or Rock stars singing to a vast audience, witnessing a performance at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Something you’ll unlikely forget is its exemplary acoustics, despite being nearly 2,000 years old.
Presidential Guard Evzones: Rain, hail or shine, the Evzones march in front of the Hellenic Parliament every Sunday morning in a ceremonial parade that has become synonymous with Athens.
Ancient Temples: A sunset here at the end of the Sounion peninsula is one of the most magical in Greece. Deep blue, blanketed by vivid reds and oranges, feel blessed under the columns of this ancient temple was built to honor Poseidon, god of the sea. Thission, the wonderfully preserved old temple of Iphestos, god of fire in the middle of the Ancient Agora.
In the middle of a Vineyard: Athens is a city surrounded by small historical vineyards, as Attica is one of the largest wine regions in Greece, with talented winemakers who are producing award-winning wines using the indigenous Savatiano grape.
The Byzantine City: For anyone that appreciates History and beauty, churches of Athens are among the most special in Greece, many of them hailing from the Byzantine era. The Church of Panagia Kapnikarea is one of the oldest in Athens, built around 1000 AD. All are welcome to enter and appreciate the rare frescos and beautiful iconography inside.

The Athenian Way: Here, locals buy fresh produce while socializing within their community. Setting up in neighborhoods all around the city, the weekly farmers markets or laiki agora are an inherent part of Athenian society. The largest food market known as the Varvakeios, in downtown Athens, which operates daily from 5.00am. It offers seasonal harvests, local delicacies, a great variety of fresh meat and fresh fish. The little local restaurants inside the market mainly for the workers and visitors offer 24/7 the most genuine and traditional food in the city.
The Museums: The Acropolis Museum. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ancient city, thousands of sculptures and artefacts found around the Acropolis are displayed and bathed in natural light. At the Museum of Cycladic Art, a stunning collection of Cycladic figurines and ceramics from the 3rd millennium BC can be seen. The National Archaeological Museum, with a treasure trove of antiquities awaits including the gold mask of Agamemnon and the Antikythera Mechanism. The Byzantine Museum, the War museum, The Cycladic Art museum the Museum of Contemporary Art are must see also.
Athens’ New Agora: Athenians received a contemporary agora at the newly opened Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The Agora, emblematic of the central gathering spaces in ancient Greece, upholds this tradition with regular events held throughout the year. The entire building is a significant addition to modern day Athens and an architectural feat by architect Renzo Piano.

This City has many more beauties and delicacies for one to explore, and the easy going living style is rare among Capitals. Remains significant cheap for Real Estate buyers and is very welcoming not only for tourists but also to expats and Schengen Greek Golden Visa holders who want to reside in Athens.