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When we work for you, we are investing our time and knowledge to help you. These are our greatest commodities. We receive no salary whatsoever.

Our fee is only the "Greek Realtors Commission" and paid only after the transaction has closed and the property has been rented. If you do not close, we receive no fees, no matter how much work was done, or how much money was invested, in working for you.

After closing occurs, our Reaktor's commission** is divided. The first division is between the Real Estate Companies participating in the transaction. Then, the portion received by CityProperties is divided with part being kept by the company and the remainder, paid to the closing Team member.

Working always, under our strict Quality Assurance Rules and going beyond the Realtor's job, we provide Turn-Key Solution Services, like Complete property visiting Schedule, Area Orientation, School visit, Useful information, House check-in & out,  Public utilities connection and disconnection, Legal registration (ΑΦΜ). All the above services are  part of our job and there is no extra payment.

Here at CityProperties, we continually strive to provide you with the highest quality professional services. Your loyalty to us, is highly regarded. If you are satisfied with our work, the truest way to show your appreciation is to refer your friends and colleagues to us, so we can provide them with the services you have enjoyed. It is the ultimate compliment and evidence of your gratitude.

Your loyalty is highly appreciated.


Georgia Costouros-Perantoni
CityProperties Real Estate, Hellas

Georgia Perantoni

* The Greek law for Realtor's commission: The  broker is paid by all the parties represented by him, with a written or oral command. His fee is  result of freely negotiation between himself and his client and there is no limit whatsoever. The usual fee in the Greek Real Estate market is: one month's rent + VAT.

** Our commissions:  
1) For long term rentals ( more than 1 year ) is one month's rent + VAT ,  paid upon the completion of the contract.
2) For  shorter term rentals is 1/2 months rent + VAT, paid upon the completion of the contract.
3) For weekly rate contract, our commission is 50euros +VAT, paid before the entry.


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Visit our Facebook page for usefull info about the life in Athens.

Visit our Facebook page for usefull info about life in Athens Greece.

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