Finding the right Home

Finding just a House, is one thing, but…

…finding a Home to live in the right area and have a pleasant stay in Athens, is a Team effort, and we are walking with you from A to Z….

  • Complete list of all available properties.
  • Home viewing Tour and meetings with Landlords and other Agents.
  • Orientation tour, around prime residential areas to get to know community features and facilities
  • Previews of suitable schooling options and School visits.
  • “Second opinion” advice on final selection of properties and area.
  • Explanation of the lease agreement, negotiate the terms and review if needed.
  • Explanation of Tenants’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Inspection of the House with the landlord in present.
  • Documentation in writing of the condition of the house and appliances.
  • Inventory of repairs and contact with the Landlord for compliance before entry.
  • Moving-in visit with the landlord in present, for a detailed introduction to the house and all its functions.
  • New keys of the house
  • Coordination of all Public utilities connections.
  • Legal Tax registration.
  • 24/7 Hot-Line, for information or assistance in emergencies.
  • Connection with English-speaking professionals, Attorneys, Doctors, Technicians, etc.
  • Intermediation with the Landlord and assistance in case of damage or any other emergency.
  • Moving-out visit with the landlord present for a detailed inspection.
  • Terminate all Public utilities connections.
  • Deposit release.