Benefits for Individuals

Seize the new opportunity

You are coming to Greece in order to drive your career up as well as enjoy a new phase of life in a new home country with your family.
Nothing is more important than this.

We, as a Team know our country well, and the mentality of it’s people, we can help you through the tricky housing market, schooling for children, language and cross-cultural issues and all the practical matters in settling in your new life.
We are here to take off the pressure of battling every day’s problems at these first days in Greece and all assistance and advice will be given according to your needs, family profile and lifestyle with no extra cost.

Improving productivity
Helping you and your family to settle into life with the minimum effort and the maximum effectiveness and comfort, we reduce the time lost dealing with settlement issues and allow you to concentrate on the new job.
Peace of mind
From our own personal experience we understand the most frequent problems which occur during such a move and can anticipate and resolve them effectively.
By even the first e-mail we can specify your needs and can start working immediately. Many issues related to housing, schools, etc. can be solved even before the arrival.
The language? No problem
It does not matter which nationality you are, we can communicate with you in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We can recommend doctors, lawyers, teachers, babysitters and other professionals who speak these languages also.