Benefits for Corporate

Benefits for the Corporate

Your company is investing a whole lot, inviting in Greece an international assignee in order to drive up its productivity, to improve the competitiveness, to achieve major and minor goals.Your transferee is here to do a very important job right from the first day.

We help companies and corporations to bring their international employees and especially their families in their new working and living environment.
Moving to a new country is a stressful situation for both the transferee and the company, which often finds itself in the position of having to provide a myriad of services in a limited amount of time.
We take the stress out of the situation assisting you and your transferee as chaperons, as advocates and as cultural liaisons.

Saving company time and money
We take care of all the personal issues related to your expatriate’s integration, so that your company can concentrate on the professional transition with no need to divert internal resources, to tasks, which are not directly related to commercial goals.
We improve expatriate productivity
Helping the expatriate and his family to settle into life with the minimum effort and the maximum effectiveness and comfort, we reduce the time lost by dealing with moving issues and allow him/her to concentrate on his/her new job.
We can anticipate the problems
From our own personal experience we understand the most frequent problems which occur during such a move and can anticipate and resolve them effectively.