About Georgia Perantoni

What sets Georgia and her team apart from the average Real Estate Agents?

A devotion to extremely high standards of customer service I would say.

I view my role as a real estate agent to be in the consultant arena. My responsibility with clients does not end after the transaction is complete but is instead an ongoing relationship.
All started when I realized that buyers’ or renters interests were never fully taken into account by estate agents who, after all, work for the seller.

Especially expatriates were left alone to deal with settling in to their new lives in a foreign country with a foreign language.

I have extensive training in the corporate realm which has provided me with acute negotiating skills, attentive customer service abilities, and creative problem solving know-how. Also it gave me the ability how to organize group of specialists in home finding, negotiations, P. R., redefining Real Estate Services from just house-search and renting, to a high quality Home-finding and settling-in service.

Our purpose is to offer a wide range of services and solutions for all European and non-European citizens moving to Athens Greece. Our major intention is to share our practical and cultural knowledge and contribute to the success of the move.

Georgia Costouros-Perantoni
CityProperties Real Estate, Hellas